The trainers area offers: A set of Open Educational Resources on the Istanbul Protocol (IP) for trainers. Materials include a “walkthrough” of the protocol text to be used in training, and a large array of texts and pragmatic tools that can be used for the teaching of all aspects of the protocol, organised by chapter.  
Target group: This set of materials is provided for the use of trainers who are already experts in their professional field and are well acquainted with the IP.  
What we do not offer: The website does not offer an online training course on how to become an IP Trainer. Trainings are provided by the ARTIP experts and by IRCT (
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 tipAfter 31 March 2013 content updates will be made only on the English material due to limited resources after the project's completion!


Istanbul Protocol (IP) Manual

Istanbul Protocol
Manual on the Effective Investigation and Documentation of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Setting up IP trainings

A trainer may find useful guidelines of how to set up an IP training.


Aspects of interdisciplinary settings

Recommendations for setting up an interdisciplinary training environment.

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Setting up a training on the Istanbul Protocol (manual)

General examples and consideration in preparation of a training on the IP.

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       Expert's Database/List

       In this list you may find an Expert on IP.

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Training Subjects

1. Introduction on Istanbul Protocol
2. Relevant International legal standards

       This set of materials focuses on "Chapter I. RELEVANT INTERNATIONAL LEGAL STANDARDS" of the Istanbul Protocol.

3. International ethical codes

        This set of materials focuses on "Chapter II RELEVANT ETHICAL CODES" of Istanbul Protocol.

4. Legal investigation of torture

       This set of materials focuses on "Chapter III LEGAL INVESTIGATION OF TORTURE" of Istanbul Protocol.

5. General considerations for interviews

        This set of materials focuses on "Chapter IV GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR INTERVIEWS" of Istanbul Protocol.

6. Physical medical evidence of torture

        This set of materials focuses on "Chapter V PHYSICAL EVIDENCE OF TORTURE" of Istanbul Protocol.

7. Psychological evidence of torture

        This set of materials focuses on "Chapter VI PSYCHOLOGICAL EVIDENCE OF TORTURE" of Istanbul Protocol.

8. Further subjects of relevance

      This set focus on material that is not basic, such as:

  • History of torture
  • Data protection
  • Finding additional literature
  • Asylum regulations in selected partners countries
9. Advanced material

        This set of materials focuses on advanced issues.